Email is one of the most widely recognized types of communication with potential clients.

What is an email?

  • Electronic mail or email is a technique of exchanging messages using electronic devices. The term electronic mail is utilized for any electronic document transmission.  Email comprises two major sections, the message header, and the message body.
  • Email is still an essential communication channel for business and direct communication on the internet. In this way, professional email communication is necessary.
  • Email is a digital package-delivery system.
  • The key to its efficiency is the capacity to attach files to the email message. It has also become smarter and simpler to use.
  • An email has been widely acknowledged by business as it is one of the important parts of workplace communication.
  • Email is a powerful marketing tool and plays a big role in business and commerce in general.

What is a professional business email?

  • Professional business e-mail provides a solution to this problem.
  • A professional email address gives email the validity, credibility, and authenticity. 
  • This helps to keep the data secure, ever accessible, with full security protection.
  • Business email is a quick and quality means to communicate with customers, potential clients, suppliers, staff, bank manager and enterprises.

Differences between personal and corporate-based email:

  • A personal email address is used to communicate with friends and family. 
  • A business email address is used by the company.
  • The abilities of each email address differ depending on the type of personal email account a person uses and the type of account the corporation sets up.

Reasons to use a Professional Email Address:

Having a professional e-mail adds more credibility to the business. It also sends the signal that the organization is serious about the business, as the business e-mail address reflects the brand’s professionalism. It also gives instant recognition to the business.

  1. A professional email address creates a feeling of trust.
  2. This boosts the organization’s potential to attract new clients.
  3. A professional email address can be an easy recognition for the business which builds brand awareness and trust.
  4. For building first impressions for the business.
  5. Branding.
  6. A good Spam filtering system.
  7. Associating the name of the brand with a professional email address adds a buzz of interest to potential clients.
  8. Securing privacy.
  9. Organize email by department
  10. Facilitating logistics.
  11. Helping with synchronization.
  12. Creating a written record.

Benefits of a professional business e-mail:

1. Build business credibility.

2. Increase professional perception.

3. Win customer trust.

4. Get data security.

5. Backup & privacy protection.

To check the validity and legitimacy of a business is very simple – check the e-mail extension. If it’s genuine, it will resemble “something@brandname.com or something@websitename.com”, instead of something@gmail.com.

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