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At Amika Softwares, we provide one of the best Architecture CRM Software in India.

Looking for the perfect CRM solution to streamline your architectural firm’s operations? Here at Amika Softwares, we offer the best architecture CRM software in India. Also, we empower architectural businesses to enhance efficiency, improve client relationships, and boost overall productivity.

Amika Softwares understands the unique requirements of architectural firms, making it the top choice in the industry. Their CRM solution is specifically designed to cater to the needs of architects, project managers, and design professionals. With features and functionalities tailored to meet the demands of the architectural sector, Amika Software stands out from the rest.

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Why Choose Amika Softwares?

One of the best features of Amika Software’s architecture CRM is its complete project management capabilities. From start to finish, you can easily manage your architectural projects. Track project progress, assign tasks, set deadlines, and collaborate seamlessly with your team members. With Amika Software, you can stay on top of deliverables, ensuring projects are completed on time and within budget.

In the architecture industry, effective communication is important. Amika Software’s iARCH CRM offers streamlined communication tools, centralizing all project-related discussions. Collaborate effortlessly with clients, consultants, contractors, and team members. The best communication features enable real-time collaboration, ensuring everyone stays in the loop and reducing the chances of miscommunication or delays.

Amika Software’s architecture CRM software excels in client relationship management as well. Maintain a comprehensive database of clients, track interactions, and manage leads and opportunities. With this CRM, you can nurture your client relationships, personalize communication, and provide exceptional customer service. The CRM also facilitates data analysis, giving you insights into client preferences and helping you tailor your services to meet their specific needs.

Our Best Modules

Designed to help you maximize your productivity

User Management

Client Management

Lead Management

Invoice Management


Vendor Management

Project Management

Expense Management

Holiday & Calendar

Visiting Card Management

Key Features of iarch CRM Software in India

Efficiency is key in the fast-paced world of architecture

Project Management Made Easy

From initial concept to final delivery, Architect CRM empowers you to efficiently manage every stage of your projects. Track project progress, assign tasks, set deadlines, & monitor budgets effortlessly. Collaborate with your team in real-time and keep everyone on same page.

Client Relationship Management

Build strong & lasting relationships with your clients using our CRM module. Maintain detailed profiles, track communications, & stay on top of important interactions. Never miss a follow-up & ensure your clients feel valued throughout entire architectural process
Document Management and Collaboration

Document management and collaboration

Store & manage all your project documents securely in one place. Share files with clients, consultants, team members, & collaborate seamlessly. With version control & document history tracking, you can easily keep track of changes & ensure everyone has access to latest information.

Time and expense tracking

Monitor your project’s time and expenses effortlessly. Record billable hours, track costs, and generate accurate invoices for your clients. Architect CRM’s intuitive interface makes it easy to log and analyze your project-related activities, allowing you to make informed decisions and optimize your profitability.
Asian businesswomen using notebook for analysis documents and graph financial diagram working

Analytics and reporting management

Gain valuable insights into your business performance with our advanced analytics and reporting features. Track key metrics, measure project profitability, and identify areas for improvement. Make data-driven decisions that lead to success and growth in your architectural practice.

Vendor management

Vendor management is important for a number of reasons. For one thing, vendor management plays a key role when it comes to selecting the right vendor for a particular business need. Vendors also need to be managed effectively in order to reduce risk of supply chain disruption & ensure to be delivered on time.

Why Choose Architect CRM Software from Amika Software

Architect CRM keeps everything organized and easily accessible

Tailored to Architects

Architect CRM is specifically designed to address the unique challenges faced by architects, ensuring that every feature is relevant and impactful for your profession.

User-Friendly Interface

Our intuitive & user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate & start using CRM system from day one. No extensive training or technical expertise required.

Scalable and Customizable

Whether you’re a solo architect or part of a large firm, Architect CRM scales with your business. Customize the system to fit your specific workflows & preferences.

Secure and Reliable

We understand importance of data security. Architect CRM employs latest industry-standard security measures to keep your information safe & confidential.

Exceptional Customer Support

We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding customer support. Our dedicated team is always ready to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.

Take your architectural practice to new heights with Architect CRM.

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