For a business to grow and develop in today’s competitive market, online marketplaces need to share the positive experiences of their happy customers to get more visitors visiting their websites. Most consumers normally use online testimonials to determine which businesses to consider. This indicates that there is a good chance of the businesses being genuine and helping the customers whenever required. Client testimonials are a type of word-of-mouth advertising. They are very effective for the business.

Listed below are some positive feedback from our happy clients:

Richard Anthony:

St. John’s Public School.

This ERP is helpful for office automation.Almost all the needs of a school office are covered here.Services and assistanceare available all around the clock. Appsoft iSYNC ERP is one of the best management software available in the country.

Pranjali Damle: Head Teacher

Shining Star Concept School.

It is a very good ERP with the app. This app is very amazing and personalized. This app gives us an awesome experience to know all the things which are done in school. This app is very helpful for parents as well as students.Through this app, the entire performance of the students can be known and the attendance of the student also can be known. I love this app.

Deepa Joshi:Senior teacher

Shining Star Concept School, Wardha.

iSYNC ERP is a good app. According to the teacher’s point of view, it saves time by avoiding the writing work. Teachers can directly inform parents regarding attendance, timetable, and day to day topics they have taught. Teachers can even inform about their leaves to their seniors through the leave manager. Parents can have personalized communication with teachers by which their queries can be solved. It saves time and avoids wastage of paper.

Jayshree Sable: Senior Teacher

Shining Star Concept School.

In the era of 21st century where everything is on its ease, this initiative of having an online app is the need of the hour. iSYNC ERP serves almost all the needs of the generation, every information is on our fingertips within seconds. Now basically taking this app opened for the school into consideration, we can draw its major advantages- “Firstly the major plus of it would be that papers are being saved which contributes to the protection of trees which is the basic need of the century”. Secondly “The administration of the school becomes much easier as it serves ease to every person interconnected with the association of this app”. It keeps everyone linked with the information to the said teachers, parents, management.Everyone is served the same details at once which saves time. Information might be anything like we are serving the attendance if specified, further, many more details will keep on adding to these ways of collaboration.

Mr. Dhananjay Nikhar:Administrative officer

Shining Star Concept School.

iSYNC ERP is a cloud-based help desk and business support platform. ERP software is easy to set up & a lot easier to use, requiring minimal technical knowledge on the part of users. The dashboard of software is visually pleasant & is highly-customization. Thank you and best wishes to team Amika Softwares.

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