School management software is a tool intended to streamline the administration of educational institutions. It helps the teachers and staff in maintaining student records and other essential data. A school management software incorporates different tasks such as student registration, keeping a record of attendance, generating report cards, preparing timetable and schedule of classes, managing transport, fee management, and others. A school management software is a complete arrangement that caters to the needs of the school administration and management process.

Highlights of iSYNC ERP school management software:

  1. Customized reports: An effective school management software should be able to monitor and store several records related to the student.  The software should provide easy retrieving of the records as per need. The school management may require customized reports of students and to search the entire data to generate one report is highly impossible. A school management software must be equipped for generating customized reports whenever required.iSYNC ERP offers the arrangement for generating reports as per the requirements. It displays various options for the report generation like attendance reports, searches for the student, class group reports, the fee-due reports, etc.  Custom reports generated by iSYNC ERP enable us to create reports class-wise and also produce analysis reports.
  • End-to-end management: The iSYNC ERP school management software provides an end-to-end management system which makes it easy for the school administration to carry out operations effectively. It provides features like:
  • Multiple device support: The information can be accessed using phone, tablet or computer.
  • Manage online examination: Conducting an assessment is a hasslethat requires endless paperwork and planning. It becomes tiring for teachers as well as administrators, not just to check the answer sheets but also to maintain the records. iSYNC ERP provides an easy exam management software.
  • Track fees submission: Fee submission is one of the most dreaded parts of parents. It not only hurts the wallet but also is a tedious activity. Submission of fees on time and keeping a track of the receipt is another tiring part. With iSYNC ERP, it is easy to pay the fees as well as track the past payment history
  • Customized dashboard: Structured information is necessary as it is easy to grasp. Dashboards act as the base for data gathering and showing significant information to the user.  They are crucial as they provide centralized control over various aspects of the system. It improves the overall experience of the user.  iSYNC ERP provides all the fundamental features for the best working conditions for various elements associated with the organization. All the sections on the dashboard help the operations of any users and create a well-organized structure to deal with the daily tasks. iSYNC ERP offers an optimization dashboard. If the educational institution requires any customization, changes within the system are made to offer a customized dashboard according to the requirement.

The iSYNC ERP is a dedicated cloud-based end-to-end, user-friendly school management software that helps school associations manage the smooth running of the school administration. The iSYNC ERP School Management software provides various features that make it simple to deal with everyday tasks. It increases efficiency and productivity by helping users explore complex processes, preventing re-entry of information, and improving functions.

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