Lead generation is a critical part of keeping your pipeline fresh and loaded with new prospects. Lead management is a set of a framework designed to create a potential customer base, operated through a variety of campaigns or promotions. Listed here are five distinct pieces of the lead management system.

  1. Prospect tracking
  2. Lead collection.
  3. Lead scoring.
  4. Customer relationship management (CRM).
  5. Lead nurturing.

The successful implementation of lead management software is fundamental for a successful CRM.

What is iLEAD CRM?

iLEAD CRM is a customized, dedicated cloud-based lead management software for nurturing leads who aren’t prepared to buy. From generating leads through campaigns and capturing their data to filtering and evaluating the contacts to following up with leads, lead management is essential for successful sales and customer relationship management (CRM).

Importance of iLEAD CRM:

  • Never miss out on any leads visiting your website. iLEAD CRM helps you capture leads from your websites, social media pages and other sources with ease.
  • iLEAD CRM’s integration makes it easy to find and communicate with a possible client.
  • Generate quality leads and have all the lead information synced in your system.
  • iLEAD’s data enrichment functionality helps search for more information about each lead based on the primary information that has been added to the system, thus making the future lead nurturing process more enhanced.

Features of iLEAD CRM:

  1. Distribute leads automatically: The pre-defined work process helps assign leads to the sales team. It also helps to route leads equally and improve follow-ups. It ensures that you don’t miss out on leads because of improper client engagement methods.
  • Scan business cards with ease: Transform your business cards into contacts in iLEAD CRM. Scan the business cards and instantly push new contact data into the system. This not only provides a protected archive of all your business cards but also helps you stay updated with all the businesses regularly through the ability of iLEAD CRM.
  • Nurture more leads through communication:iLEAD CRM’s communication mediums help to connect with the leads. Nurture leads through social media platforms, telephone, emails, and even in person.
  • Convert leads to deals: When leads are willing to purchase the products or services, transform them into deals with just one click. iLEAD CRM also creates an immediate follow-up task for the lead. iLEAD CRM helps you convert your promising leads to deals at a faster rate.
  • Built-in analytics functionality: Measure the number of leads acquired, the conversion rates for various lead sources, and much more, using iLEAD CRM’s built-in analytics functionality.

Benefits of iLEAD CRM:

  • Optimizes the Sales Process
  • Helps improve the Marketing
  • Easy to manage and access
  • Easy access to data
  • Target easily available
  • Unlimited users

How iLEAD CRM can help organizations?

  • Identify quality leads from a pool of approaching leads
  • Nurture promising leads to conversion
  • Engage with leads closely
  • Analyze and track key data regarding leads

For organizations with large sales regions, a lead management system gives an organized flow of leads. From lead generation to conversion, iLEAD CRM’s lead management software guarantees proper follow-up of the leads.

Discover potential leads with iLEAD CRM.

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