Schools play a crucial role in the academic development and in shaping the future of a child.  Therefore, educational organizations like schools require the best tools for their administration and management practices, carrying out all academic and authoritative activities in the most efficient manner.

But today, school management has grown into a major enterprising stage, where the administration and management need to access their information from a centralized platform. This calls for an advanced management tool rather than the traditional and conventional work approach of paper piles.

What is iSYNC ERP?

  • iSYNC ERP is a dedicated cloud-based end-to-end school management software with a dedicated mobile application for parents, teachers, and students.
  • It is a world-class institute management ERP that leaves a huge impact on everyone and every process involved in the functionality of schools.
  • iSYNC is intended to take numerous tasks and perform them for the organizations, on a regular basis (every day, week, month, or year).
  • This management software for schools is designed to provide tools that empower the smooth running of educational facilities by guaranteeing cost savings and efficiency.

Importance of iSYNC School ERP :

  • Digitize Your Institution.
  • Consistent and synced data of the departments, all in one place.
  • Multiple logins for Admin, Teachers, Parents, Students, HR.
  • One-click dashboard for news, events, results, schedules and multiple branches-related information.
  • Integration of biometric devices and CCTV.
  • Transportation GPS tracker with real-time update.
  • Customized reports and ERP modules as per the requirements of the schools.
  • Integration of fees with Online payment gateway.
  • Everyday backup.

Highlights of iSYNC School ERP :

  • “The school administration dedicates and owns iSYNC ERP, and they deploy it.”.
  • “It offers real-time accessibility from anywhere and at any time.”.
  • Generates customized documentation and reports.
  • A dedicated mobile application by the name of the school.
  • “The system directly links to the website.”.
  • Every bit of data fed in the ERP is available once synced.
  • “We archive all the vital information stored in the iSYNC ERP on a planned basis.”.
  • iSYNC ERP provides accessibility through personal computers and smartphones. With simple and easy access, it makes the solutions beneficial to students, teachers, parents, and management.

This creates an environment that enables students and faculty to concentrate more on their learning procedures.

Role of iSYNC ERP in schools:

  • Integrate school functions. It stores, monitors and provides real-time access to information such as registration, finance, and human resources.
  • Smooth information flow within an educational institution.
  • Track every activity and help in bringing improvements in the current system, also facilitating the working of future plans. 
  • Organizing all the data about teachers, students, and staff.
  • Simplifying the process of student management.
  • Organizing and streamlining every school communication.

Today’s school administration significantly demands an ERP system for managing all school-related activities to make the workflow seamless, simpler, efficient and productive. iSYNC ERP helps in providing easy access to data, that too in real-time, unlike the traditional work approach.

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