School management software is agile and can be custom-fitted according to the requirements of the institution. School Management ERP targets facilitating administrative problems and enhancing, efficiency and productivity. The system is cloud-based and supports modern advancements such as Online payment gateway, biometrics, mobile apps, email alerts, etc.

Why School Management System Software?

“We achieve a genuine advancement breakthrough by automating administrative activities.”. As schools have a complex structure for subjects and exam patterns; the need to go digital is vital.

The School Management ERP offers the following.

  • Helps teachers through the E-learning platform.
  • Keep parents and students in the connectivity circle consistently, through SMS, Email and Mobile applications.
  • Generate e-reports at the click of a button.
  • Reduce the dreary task of your administrative department. ERP will do the necessary work for your school.
  • Track students, to and from home with GPS tracking installed in the school buses.
  • Website presence, to showcase the school’s vision and mission for education.

iSYNC ERP School Management Software:

School management software is a tool, intended to support the paperless organization of schools and educational institutions. It comprises different modules that help the teachers and staff maintain essential student information like student records and academic history.

The iSYNC ERP is a dedicated cloud-based end-to-end School Management Software that is robust, dynamic and multi-user, iSYNC ERP is simple and easy to use, Installation is quick; and the information remains secure on the cloud server.

Features of iSYNC ERP:

  1. Multi-user functionality: The system provides the facility of usage of cloud-based end-to-end school ERP by multiple members by logging into the system. The whole staff and faculty of the school can manage activities and modules appointed to them through their login.
  • User-Interface: The User Interface is easy to use, interactive, and facilitates various users at school to manage operations effectively.
  • “The cloud-based service stores information on the cloud, making data retrieval easy and secure.”.
  • SMS And email integration: The system sends notifications in the form of SMS and Emails to parents about the day-to-day activities of their wards to provide information about events, examinations, attendance, reports, and homework.
  • Fee payment: The online payment gateway makes it easy to pay fees anytime, anywhere.

Highlights of iSYNC ERP:

  1. Dedicated application.
  2. Customized documents.
  3. Cloud-based system.
  4. Customized reports.
  5. End-to-end management.
  6. Customized dashboard.

Have a hassle-free approach towards all the departments of the administration ranging from:

  1. Academic: Applications relating to
  2. Classroom and students.
  3. Attendance.
  4. Curriculum.
  5. Assessments.
  6. Report Cards.
  • Collaborate:
  • Easy communication on all devices.
  • Take your classroom wherever you go.
  • Constant SMS, alerts and notifications.
  • Messaging platform for administrations to communicate.
  • Financial: The financial suite of applications-
  • Budgeting.
  • Accounting and finance.
  • Fee and payroll are all in one place.

Benefits Of iSYNC ERP School Management System:

  • Customized according to the institution’s requirements.
  • Teachers don’t need to maintain individual student files.
  • Auto-citations of summative assessment marks.
  • Auto-generation of report cards.
  • “We update parents about examinations and marks through SMS and email.”

Automate Processes with an all-in-one integrated iSYNC ERP School Management Software.

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