Creating a Digital Presence through Cloud-based School Management Software

Digital presence has become all the more important in this digital era where more than half of the global population research online. If the business can’t be easily found online, customers will go elsewhere. This is why it becomes quite essential for businesses to have a digital presence. Think of this as a yellow page ad where business gets 7/8ths of the space right next to the top competitors. However, the difference is, digital space has no restrictions. Business can curate its content and has the power to drive internet traffic. But before that – the business must be found.

In the digital era, along with endless digital possibilities comes the cybersecurity issues and risks but an efficient platform is need of the hour. Appsoft Infosystem is among such fine organizations that develop innovative and unique systems that are not only affordable but also user friendly. The company primarily deals with the educational sector and the corporate segment at its nascent stage.

Established in 2012, the company emerged as one of the top firms in the country and etched its name in the ‘20 Most Promising Start-Ups’ – Silicon India for 2018.

A Specialist in the Digital Domain

Appsoft Infosystem specializes in providing cost-effective solutions to clients in the most user-friendly and innovative interface. Be it web design, digital application, or any customization the company understands the need of the customer and map the process accordingly.

With more than 17 years of professional experience in business process mapping, industry exposure, working with education leaders, and leading Institutes across cultures, the team has a plethora of experiences. Utilizing the vast experience, the organization delivers gratifying user-friendly and focused websites, which has the potential to convert leads into clients. Also, the customers get a handy secure mobile application that is available on all the platforms.

Hence, Appsoft Infosystem surpasses the clients’ expectations as it provides clients with an enterprise application that reduces drudgery as it builds customized applications as per clients’ requirements and provides cloud-based services and on-time support with its skilled team.

“Your business needs are always growing arc and so are the changing trends of the market. At Appsoft Infosystem, we decrypt the otherwise labyrinthine product development process. Our statement is proudly backed by our esteemed happy customer base. Be a part of our exuberant team and see yourself thumping success,” asserts Mr. Amey.

Astounding Genesis

The year 2012 marked a turning point for an immensely proficient mind – Mr. Amey Bawne when he decided to come with a clear vision. With determined willpower and a never say die attitude, his passionate soul kick-started the operations of the company.

Down the line, the company evolved with the vision to prevent infringement on data security and privacy needs to be turned into a great asset and create an investment for sustainable growth opportunity. Appsoft Infosystem then started its operations in 2014, a dream envisioned by Mr. Amey Bawne – Co-Founder & an expert in Cyber Information Security.

Over the period, Appsoft Infosystem’s team has slowly and steadily built the products and solutions and is on a growth phase to introduce various other solutions in due course.

An Insignia of Excellence

Building safe and secure administering software for the intuitive, taking up hands-on activities for the students, providing user-friendly solutions for the clients are some of the spaces that the company operates. An Initiative from Technology Security professionals with inputs from various Academicians and Educationists aims to deliver quality solutions, indulge in continuous innovation to launch cost-effective and user-friendly solutions to create value for all stakeholders.

Mr. Amey states, “Conducting over 500 workshops across various parts of the country, interviewing various security professionals, parents, teachers, and students we have understood that:

  1. Organizations are challenged by an explosion of data and demands of digital consumers
  2. The increasing volume, variety, and velocity of information is overwhelming the traditional IT systems
  3. Today’s always-on customers are demanding personalized, real-time services through the channel of their choice
  4. We need to provide Secure, anytime access environment to all the stakeholders”

Currently, Appsoft Infosystem is working closely with the Home Ministry, Maharashtra Police, and various national and international organizations on Information security awareness campaigns.

For More Details: https://appsoftinfosystem.com/

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