A school is responsible for a student’s overall development as it helps them in creating and nurturing different skills while imparting knowledge and inculcating self-confidence. This makes it fundamental to have the best school management software as part of the institution.

A School management system transforms schools into smart digitally advanced schools which are consistently the favoured choice for new age parents as they provide quick communications, transparent operations, and activities and flawless administration. iSYNC ERP, one of the leading smart school management ERP software, helps you accomplish that.

What is iSYNC ERP?

The iSYNC ERP is a dedicated cloud-based end-to-end, user-friendly school management software that helps school organizations manage running the school administration at the tip of a finger.The iSYNC ERP School Management software provides different features that makes it easy to manage all the tasks. Some of the features include:

  • School accounting software
  • School transportation management
  • Examination management
  • Online school fees payment
  • Library management software
  • Easy admission system
  • HR and payroll
  • SMS facility
  • Student attendance management
  • Parents portal

Highlights of iSYNC ERP school management software:

  1. Dedicated application: Customize your school with iSYNC ERP, a tailor-made application to suit all the school preferences. This integrated iSYNC ERP application helps in organizing all the working in the schools and creates easily retractable records for the students, parents, school management, and teachers for accessing the data whenever required. The application also offers effective data backup to the schools towards guaranteeing that the information remains safe. iSYNC ERP aims to fulfil the specific requirements of the entire organization. No more chaos in communication as iSYNC ERP connects students, parents, teachers, and school management through a dedicated mobile application.
  • Customized documents: iSYNC ERP school management software is a paperless school automation software that is ideal for modern-day schools and institutions. The software offers the school management to perform all the day-to-day activities of the school organization with ease with just a few clicks. The software provides accurate results and is exceptionally efficient towards managing the different departments of the school administration. iSYNC ERP system is integrated with the SMS and email system for the ease of communication.
  • Cloud-based system: Encrypted server keeps all school data safe and secure. The cloud-based system stores all the data in one place and provides easy access to the data from anywhere. iSYNC ERP provides a better mechanism to store all the necessary information in one place. iSYNC ERP is the best tool to store all important data of the organization. The school management has a lot of information that needs to be managed like student’s personal information, progress report, teacher’s data, and other information. Loss of data can cause a high risk that is difficult to manage. All the information is stored in a centralized database and provides easy accessibility. The cloud-based school management software is the web as well as mobile-friendly. The centralized database makes it simpler for the teachers, students, and parents to access anywhere and anytime. Study material, student reporting all can be accessed with just a few clicks.

Automate the school management process with iSYNC ERP school management software.

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